Creo que la vida trata de enseñarnos a valorar, a creer, a perdonar, a olvidar, a crecer, a reír, a llorar, a sentir, a arrepentirse, a evolucionar, a dar gracias, a distraer el dolor, a ser nosotros, a superar obstáculos, a amar, a observar, a luchar, a levantarte cuando te caes, a renunciar a lo que no puede ser, a comenzar de nuevo, a gritar, a odiar, a aceptar, a alejarnos de lo que no es nuestro, a dar segundas oportunidades, a juzgar, a alegrarnos, a limpiar el odio, a resurgir... ahora solo tienes que aprender lo bueno y olvidar lo malo aprendido.


I think life is teaching us to value, to believe, to forgive, to forget, to grow, to laugh, to mourn, to feel, to repent, to evolve, to give thanks, to distract the pain, to be ourselves, to overcome obstacles, to love, to observe, to fight, to get up when you fall, to give up what can not be, to begin again, to scream, to hate, to accept, to move away from what is not ours , to give second chances, to judge, to rejoice, to clean hatred to resurface ... Now you just have to learn the good and forget the bad learned.



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